Whitepaper: Reducing LWBS in the Emergency Department in the Post-COVID Era

By American Physician Partners | March 22, 2023

In this white paper, Dr. Ken Colaric, Emergency Department Medical Director, responds to questions about the factors currently contributing to hospitals’ long patient waiting times and high LWBS rates and the solution that resulted in dramatic changes for the facility. 

The Daily Grind: From Surviving to Thriving

By Christine Perry, DO, MS, FACOEP | September 8, 2022

Although it seems like a lifetime ago, I recall doing medical student clerkships. In my mind, I thought, "They're only 30 days! I can do anything for 30 days!" And I did. With that mentality, I was able to tough it out through many rotations that were less palatable.

Whitepaper: Reducing Sepsis Mortality by Identifying the Various Stages of Sepsis and Applying Best Practice Protocols for Treatment

By American Physician Partners | August 31, 2022

This white paper focuses on identifying the three stages of sepsis and optimal treatment protocols for each stage with the goal of increasing compliance with best practices and reducing overall morbidity and mortality.

American Physician Partners Physician Becomes a New Member on the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Board of Directors

By American Physician Partners | August 22, 2022

Dr. Love Anani, a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician currently serving as the Emergency Department Medical Director of NorthCrest Medical Center for American Physician Partners, has been awarded a seat on the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Board of Directors at the 2022 SNMA Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC).

The Critical Impact of Critical Access Hospitals in Rural America

It’s estimated that 57 million people—or roughly one in five Americans—live in a rural area*. Despite a lack of proximity to a large hospital or health system, this population can still receive quality care from healthcare workers who proudly serve their communities. While often tasked with doing more with less, clinical professionals in rural areas understand that the impact of critical access hospitals extends beyond delivering care but has a more significant impact on the community as a whole.

COVID Impact on Sepsis Initiatives

Hello, team!  As we recognize Sepsis Awareness Month throughout September, I have a few thoughts to share with the team. First, thank you for the care that you provide to every patient, every day. You are on the front lines fulfilling APP’s mission to provide safe, efficient, and compassionate patient care, and your time, expertise, and sacrifice do not go unnoticed.

A Look Back at My Six-Decade Career in Emergency Medicine

By Dr. Raymond McLane | May 12, 2021

After his six-decade career in Emergency Medicine, Dr. McLane retired April 2021 from American Physician Partners and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

A Closer Look: Insight into Life as an Emergency Department Medical Director at APP

By Jade Hornbuckle | May 6, 2021

We’ve all seen images from the media of an emergency department (ED) setting—fast-paced environments with physicians ready to attend to an injury, no matter how minor or severe, at a moment’s notice. But have you ever wondered who leads the ED physician and APC team?

Herd Immunity and Return to 'Normalcy'

Herd Immunity is the state when enough of a population is immune to a disease that the disease is less likely to be spread person to person. One may become immune via natural infection or vaccination or both.

Video: Managing the Emergency Department in a Pandemic

By American Physician Partners | February 3, 2021

American Physician Partners Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Briningstool recently addressed APP's response to managing its Emergency Department contracts through the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Briningstool highlighted keys to success including strong leadership on the ground, innovative solutions to care, and partnering with our hospitals to safely bring patients back to the ED.