American Physician Partners’ mission is to support our physicians, APCs and hospital partners in providing safe, compassionate and efficient care to every patient, every time. The Patient Experience is so critical to us that we have established a committee focused just on this effort, sharing best practices with our teams across the country. Sometimes, it’s helpful to take a step back and see how PATIENTS define their care experience. I am pleased to share a number of unsolicited letters our providers have received from satisfied patients over the past year. As we continuously strive to enhance the patient experience, we need to keep in the forefront of our minds that every encounter provides the opportunity for a patient to have a positive experience with APP. Our hospital partners expect it, and our patients and their families deserve it.

Wanted to tell you about the experience I had with one of your hospitalists, Dr. Gilcrest at Lake Granbury Medical Center. He was the attending when my dad was in the hospital last week. He truly exemplified what a hospitalist should be. He addressed the complexities of my dad’s condition in an analytical way, paid attention to details, yet, understood the big picture. Dr. Gilcrest demonstrated patience in speaking with my dad and our family and never seemed to be in a hurry, though I know he had a lot to do. Probably the most remarkable demonstration of his commitment to his practice and his patients was one night when he was in the hospital late finishing up. Dad was in crisis at 11pm and I asked the nurse to call the hospitalist (assuming the night hospitalist would come). To my amazement, in came Dr. Gilcrest, and he stayed in the room for an hour with dad until he stabilized with the treatment Dr. Gilcrest directed. Don’t know how you recognize excellence in your team, but I can think of no one more deserving. (Letter from the CEO of a national telemedicine company)

I wanted to thank both Dr. Kester and Dr. Conklin for the care that was provided. Dr. Conklin provided me with the best care I have ever received. He was kind, caring, compassionate, informative, and took all the appropriate measures to provide effective and efficient care. I just wanted to inform you that Dr. Kester and Dr. Conklin did an excellent job discovering an abnormality on my scan, providing other measures to follow up on the findings, and helped to put my mind at ease. As providers, we know too much at times, which makes us anxious and scared. These two physicians were able to help decrease my anxiety… I think when providers go above and beyond for their patients, their superiors should be notified. RMCH is very privileged to have both Dr. Kester and Dr. Conklin as employees. I honestly don’t have enough words to express my appreciation. (Letter from a nurse who works at a local urgent care)

Today [patient name] came by the ED to talk to me. She recently underwent treatment for lung cancer and wanted to tell me how grateful she was to Dr. Shiver and the ED staff for finding her cancer and saving her life. She came in [~6 months ago] with shoulder pain and numbness to her left arm. She said Dr. Shiver was very thorough and reassuring, and the nursing staff was awesome.  (Email from ED Nurse Manager)

Dr. Nell saved my life, and I want to get a hold of him to thank him. My defibrillator was going off 38 times and [the nurse] told me that if it wasn’t for Dr. Nell, I would have died. Me and my family really appreciated everything that you all did.  (Email from patient)

The mother of 2-year old [patient name] called me today. She wanted to thank everyone who cared for her daughter last night in the ED. She was seen at a local clinic and diagnosed with Flu A and B. Mother was told to take her daughter to [a nearby hospital] to be admitted. Mother said they were there for hours then discharged and told only to “drink lots of Gatorade.” Her daughter’s cough worsened and she began wheezing, so last night she brought her here. She said they were treated like VIPs from the moment they walked in our doors. She specifically named… Missy Cofield, the nurse practitioner, and said she was so patient and kind to her and her daughter. She was very grateful. [Story related by hospital administration regarding a phone call.]

On [date] a well-known local pediatric nurse practitioner suffered a severe head injury while playing golf. He had an open skull fracture with multiple bleeds and was transferred to [local trauma center]. He arrived in our ED and was on a helicopter within 45 minutes. Our staff was outstanding as always. Dr. Parks was the ED physician who took care of him, and the team that day could not say enough good things about her. Today the patient called administration to say how much he appreciated Dr. Parks and the ED team for saving his life. He is back to work and doing great and wanted to extend his gratitude. (Email from ED Nurse Manager)